Thursday, December 20, 2012

LUAS TRAM SYSTEM: 2004 Until Now

By November 2006, over 50 million journeys had been made on the system.

Around 90,000 Luas trips are made each day. 28.4 million journeys were made in 2007.[10] 27.4 million journeys were made in 2008.25.4 million journeys were made in 2009.[12] To date, the busiest day on the Luas system was Friday, 21 December 2007 when 145,000 passenger journeys were recorded.

Luas operates without a state subvention. The service recorded a surplus of €985,000 (€680,000 in 2004) - an achievement well ahead of an anticipated deficit of €2.5 million.

On the 8 December 2009 the Red Line C1 Connolly to Docklands extension opened.There are 4 stops: George's Dock, Mayor Square, Spencer Dock (serving the new Docklands railway station, approximately 500m away) and terminating in Point Village, opposite the The O2 [this extension however bypasses Connolly]. Construction started at the beginning of June 2007. Test runs began on the line in September 2009 before the opening.

The Railway Procurement Agency noted in their annual report that passenger numbers fell for the first time in 2009. The Luas had 25.4m passengers in 2009.

In June 2010, plans to join the two Luas tracks were finalised. On 20 May 2011 the Dublin City Council made submissions to An Bord Pleanála's Oral Hearing into Line BXD stating that the Planning Authority had a serious area of concern with the overhead conductor system in the historical city center asking for a wire free zone.

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