Thursday, December 20, 2012

LUAS Tram System In Dublin (Ireland)

Luas , also promoted in the development stage as the Dublin Light Rail System, is a tram or light rail system serving Dublin, the first such system in the decades since the closure of the last of the Dublin tramways. In 2007, the system carried 28.4 million passengers, a growth of 10% since 2006.

There are currently two Luas main lines. The Green line commenced operations on 30 June 2004, while the Red Line opened on 26 September 2004. But since the initial opening both lines have been extended and 'split' into different branches. As of July 2011, the system has 54 stations and 38.2 kilometres (23.7 mi) of track.

The Luas is operated by Veolia Transport, under tender from the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA). It is a major part of the Dublin Transportation Office's strategy (2000–2016).There are several extensions as well as new lines at the planning stage.

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