Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thrams In Ghent (Belgium) - Tickets

The Gent tram is operated by De Lijn (the company which provides transport service in the whole of Flanders); the fare control system is the same as on all public transport in Flanders, and there are no turnstiles. A passenger should stamp a ticket in a validator in the tram (near the doors) at the start of a journey.

A ticket, which allows an hour's travel over most of the city, costs €2 if bought from a tram-driver or €1.20 if bought in advance. Tickets are sold by vending machines at many tram stops, and at special "Lijnwinkel" kiosks (which also sell monthly and weekly passes). Tickets can also be bought at newspaper kiosks. If there is a vending machine at a tram stop, it is prohibited to buy a ticket from a driver. There are no conductors on trams, but sometimes tickets are checked by fare enforcers; travellers without tickets may be fined up to €600.

On PCC trams, the front door works only for entry; on newer HermeLijn trams passengers can enter or exit trams using any of the doors.

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